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Owner and speaker builder Greg Takesh is able to deliver such incredible sound by keeping GT Audio Works a modest one-man operation. Every purchase is built to order by his own hands in his home-based shop. Therefore, his overhead and operating costs are kept low as compared to larger manufacturers. The benefit is incredible sound with a cost savings passed-on to the customer. If I were on a hunt for audiophile-grade speakers, you’d better believe I’d have a demo-visit at Greg’s home on my shortlist. The GTA 2.5s left a lasting impression on me…and I’d love to experience more.
Founded by “Triode Pete”, a licensed Professional Engineer, with a B.S. from Clarkson University and a M.S. from the New York Institute of Technology, Pete has been an avid audiophile since he was 10, when he repaired and restored his older brother’s blown JBL L-100 speakers. Working for over 28 years in the power generation industry, Pete has gained considerable experience and knowledge in electrical theory and construction. Experimenting with DIY power cables, speaker cables as well as interconnects, Pete constructed numerous variations and configurations with different metals as conductors, assorted construction techniques, various stranding sizes, different twist lengths and insulation, as well as grounding and shielding techniques. After all this experimentation, he found a material and construction combination that worked “best” for hi-fidelity audio applications that also could be assembled for affordable audiophile prices. One of Pete’s philosophies as an engineer is Efficiency & Effectiveness; he believes that “AFFORDABLE” & “AUDIOPHILE” should not be an OXYMORON!
PowerCell 12 UEF SE